Handheld Analyzer peli-case kit

The COMM-connect Handheld Analyzer peli-case kit provides a strong, sturdy & dust-proof transport solution for your handheld analyzer instrument. The kit contains a dust-proof peli-case, car charger & our extended range of coax adapters.



  • Peli 1200 case
  • Custom foam
  • Car adapter
  • Coax adapters


  • Frequency range: 30Mhz – 3GHz
  • Case material: Thermoplastic
  • Temperature range: 0C to +60C
  • Size: 270x250x120mm
  • Coax Adapter types:
    • N Male to FME Male
    • N Male to BNC Female
    • N Male to TNC Female
    • N Male to UHF Female
    • N Male to mini UHF Female

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