Dual Directional Coupler

The 8010 Dual Directional Coupler covers the communication bands from 50MHz to 1000MHz. It has a very good directivity and a high power handling capability. There are 3 different models, each frequency compensated for high accuracy. The integrated RF power heads has a unique dynamic range and very fast response to give possibility to detect any type of modulation and correct reading in a multi carrier environment.

Used along with the 3024 Power Monitor there is an unlimited number of applications to monitor and control the last part of your RF network installation from transmitters to the antenna.



  • Antenna VSWR
  • Antenna Return Loss
  • Cable VSWR
  • Cable Return Loss
  • Forward Power
  • Reflected Power
  • True RMS Power
  • True Power w. multiple carriers
  • Low PIM


  • Cost effective
  • Cell phone Networks
  • Low Power TV Transmitters
  • Used with 3024 Power Monitor:
    • SNMP overview
    • High accuracy
    • Early failure warning:
      • Tx
      • Antenna
      • Cable


  • Frequency range: 50MHz – 1000MHz
  • Directivity: > 30dB
  • Power Range: 0 – +63dBm
  • Coupling Range: -35dB to -55dBm
  • Temperature range: 5C to +50C
  • 7/16 type connectors available

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